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Sam is an EMCC Accredited Psycho-Spiritual Coach, Music Industry Mental Health Specialist, Co-Founder of the charity Music Support and Co-Author of the MMF’s Music Manager’s Guide to Mental Health.

As an EMCC Accredited Psycho-Spiritual Leadership Coach, I have worked artists, producers, songwriters, artist management companies, record labels, and tour managers.

I work holistically, which means that I am curious about your story, your family of orig
in story and the cultural values you grew up with. However, what excites me the most, is how I can enable you to utilize your inner wisdom to not only find solutions to the problems you face, but to live a life of deeper meaning and purpose.

I am particularly interested in exploring the balance between masculine and feminine leadership principles and gently unpacking the prevailing notions of effective leadership shaped by patriarchal systems.

I am passionate about driving systemic change, and co-founded the charity Music Support, which has been instrumental in reshaping industry practices. I use Psychosynthesis as the psychological framework for my work  as well as my counselling background which is both trauma and addiction informed.

My  journey has been shaped by personal experiences, including being recently diagnosed with ADHD (makes a lot of sense, finally) and navigating the transformative phase of menopause. I have  been in recovery for over 20 years from process addiction and counts my most difficult experiences – or rock bottoms - as teachers on the journey to a life well lived.

I am committed to professional excellence and uphold the EMCC Global Code of Ethics, is bound by confidentiality and adheres to the EMCC's Diversity and Inclusion declaration, underscoring their unwavering commitment to embracing and respecting the uniqueness, talents, and potential of every individual.

I live in Twickenham with my son and Cockerpoo Honey (cute picture below)

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