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All systems in the West were created within patriarchy, the Music Business is no exception.  Since its inception, it has been dominated by men under the influence of distorted masculine principals characterised by a command and control style of Leadership. This has long been the accepted norm and has led many women, non-binary people and men, to believe they had to emulate these characteristics to be successful, perpetuating the notion that this is the only way to lead.

However, we are now in a time of profound cultural, social, ecological and political – change and in order to deal with these challenges, we need to embrace a new style of Leadership that is fit for purpose, with the ability to attract and retains top talent.  Whether that is in the form of artists or team members.


As global management consultancy Mckinsey & Co concluded in their 2022 report  “the old style of command and control is no longer effective.”


It seems a new way of leadership for the 21st Century is being heralded – one that is “based on developing a new level of consciousness and awareness of our inner state.” in order to work “holistically with all stakeholders, innovate and create new levels of value, engage in collaboration in open empowered networks, coach and support the potential in others and show up as whole authentic beings.”

I feel passionately that Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching can and does address the call for this new type of Leadership in our industry.  The work of cultivating authenticity, inspiring trust and being truly innovative can only be done by an exploration within, and I believe that this group will offer the most fertile setting to do this impactful work. 

What I hope you will get out of the course:

  • Increase your self-awareness

  • Have a greater understanding of the subtle nature of relationship dynamics and how to navigate them

  • Recognise your skills and natural talents though the use of a psychometric testing exercise

  • Elevate your confidence levels

Finally, you will learn about systems, including family of origin, societal and the music industry system and how they may have impacted you and what you can do about it.

My vision for this course is that the supportive environment we create extends beyond the coaching program itself, generating a network of like-minded women who will support you in your career and life moving forward. 

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Starting April 2023

  • 6 x 2 Hour Group Sessions 

  • 2 Sessions per Month - April/May/June

  • Choose between in person in London or Zoom

  • 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Session with me at the end of the course

  • Max Group Size 7 people

Price: £999 per person for individuals and £1,350 per person for corporate bookings

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